Candle for Courtney <3

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  • Candle for Courtney <3
  • Candle for Courtney <3

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For the past 2 and half years Courtney has been living with metastatic breast cancer for which there is still no cure in the conventional medical world.  At the time of her diagnosis in December of 2016, she was told she had approximately 2-5 years to live with the conventional drugs and treatments currently available for metastatic breast cancer.  Her & her husband were devastated. Her thoughts immediately went to her 2 little girls who were only 5 and 2 1/2 years old at the time.  When she left the oncologists office that day she made a promise to herself that she would be alive for much longer than that and told her husband that she would do everything in my power to make that happen. So for the past 2 and half years that is what she has been doing. 

A combination of the life changing Full Extract Cannabis Oil, some targeted breast cancer drugs, and also a vast variety of alternative and complimentary treatments.  She has made lifestyle and diet changes, as well as focused on self care, spirituality and emotional healing.  

For almost 2 whole years things were going along so well. Her cancer was completely stable and she was completely pain free and managed to get herself off a toxic cocktail of cancer pain meds thanks to full extract cannabis oil.

2019 however has been a tricky one.  We have had continual disease progression, her pain has not been controlled and she has also exhausted all of the targeted therapies for my type of breast cancer. All that remains now is IV chemotherapy.  The disease is still thankfully contained to her bones, however many of her bones are now diseased, her cancer markers are rising and blood work is starting to change. Cancer is really starting to ramp up in her body.

Courtney wants to try everything to tame this beast of a disease. She needs it to stabilise, and get rid of as many of those rouge cells as possible, and she needs the cancer to be kept at bay for a very long time so that I can be a mum to her 2 beautiful girls. To be able to do this she cannot rely on chemotherapy and treatments in this country alone. If she does this, her life from now on will consist of chemo after chemo with a few breaks here and there until the day she die.  Courtney must look outside the box or she won't live a long life. 

Courtney is always researching this disease and has decided to take a leap of faith and head over to MEXICO to Hope 4 Cancer in Cancun. Here they offer cutting edge non-toxic therapies and treatments that support your own bodies natural ability to heal itself.  They focus on the person as a whole and address healing their cancer in many different ways,, Physically, emotionally and spiritually . There are so many success stories from this clinic, Including people who have been sent home to die by conventional doctors and who have turned their health around with 'Hope 4 Cancers' innovative treatments. These type of treatments and therapies are not recognised or offered in our country for cancer.  The program at Hope 4 Cancer is 3 weeks long, with intensive therapies 6 days a week.  Courtney will also be given a 3 month supply of take home medicines and therapies,  and offered 3, 6 and 12 month follow ups at the clinic.

This does come at a HUGE cost though. The total is  $51000 USD which is approximately  $74500 AUD plus around $4000 for return flights for Courtney and her husband.  Due to being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Courtney was thankfully able to have early access to hersuperannuation, however cancer is expensive, and it has been a very costly 2.5 years already. Mark, her husband, has had to take time off work, they have had to purchase very costly cannabis oil,  as well as pay for various other medications and  treatments that she have been doing to try and help heal her body, and so $78500 is simply not something she can afford without help.

Courtney says "Thank you so much for helping us heal my body so I can watch my beautiful girls grow into adults and one day hold some grand babies in my arms! Thank you for your generosity & support!"


Courtney also has a "Go Fund Me" Page set up if you would also like to donate that way. 

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